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The "Why" and the Plan for The Candid Odyssey

There is a period in our life in which we fall to the bottom and don't know how to get up. The period in which we fail hard and lose faith in ourselves. The period in which we don't know what to do next. We call it the tough times of our life. I also went through the same when my ambitious business plans failed miserably after putting in more than 3 years of genuine hard work. Potential acquisitions got turned down at the last moments, ideas practically didn't work out, savings got burned out, I got depressed, my family lost faith in me, and eventually, I lost myself. It was tragic. When we lose ourselves, we can either persevere again, stay lost, or rediscover ourselves, right? I have persevered a lot and come to a point at which I hate what I do. Can't persevere again. Sadly, I am just lost. At the same time, staying lost is worse than dying, better not to follow that route. So, only one option remains, and that is rediscovery. Self-discovery is like trying to answer the question "What's the purpose of life?".

So, what exactly is the purpose of life? That's one of the toughest questions that doesn't have an answer, isn't it? That even triumphs over questions like what is truth, what is the meaning of our sleep dreams, what is god, what is moral, and many more such practical and philosophical questions. People TRY TO seek answers to that question throughout their lifetime. Some do meditation, some learn from spiritual leaders, some learn from experience, some read scriptures, and some just leave it up to fate. I also thought of various ways to find the answer to that question. Like connecting the past dots, consulting psychologists, finding a guru, and so on. None of them seemed promising. At last, I decided on one thing. To take a break from life. To escape from all problems, worries, media, people, and failures. An escape to explore new places, new people, new cultures, new experiences, and nature itself. That escape plan is the 8-week-long solo trip across India that I took from August to October 2022. I hoped that taking such a break would help me look into other's lives, get different perspectives, and ultimately find more clarity on the purpose of life. Anyway, it's decided. No turning back now.

I took 2-3 weeks to create a plan and prepare for the journey. At a high level, I divided India into 7 parts and planned 1 week of exploration for each part. Planned a 1 week buffer (you will know later how it helped) also. In total 8 weeks. That's all I planned for the itinerary. Everything else is decided on the go. In terms of money, I had around 70,000 rupees in my bank account. To put it in perspective, that's the price of a mid-range laptop in India. No other savings or investments. Just that much. Anyway, I started packing. For the luggage, I used a cheap/ordinary 65-liter rucksack traveling bag. The luggage included 6 T-shirts, 3 pants, 1 raincoat, a small 10L backpack, a pair of flip flops, necessary medicines, pepper spray (yes, because I don't want to get in trouble), and some necessary tools and accessories like scissors, power bank, water bottle, wallet, phone, charger, etc. In total, the luggage weighed around 8-9 Kg. Packing completed successfully!

Now I need to overcome the biggest challenge, which is convincing the family. I haven't been a traveler before. As you can expect, my family members resisted. Their main arguments were "You haven't done anything like this, you are a kid (I was 22 years old by the way), it's dangerous to travel alone, we can't help you in case of emergency", and many more. But, as decided earlier, no turning back. This stubbornness led to multiple fights. After many fights, they agreed to two weeks of travel, even though I didn't. Anyway, at least it will get the trip started. That's more important. So, everything is set. We are ready to start our journey. From now on, it's us. You and me. Together, we will explore India and the Philosophy of Life in 56 days. Hope you are ready :)

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