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Day 9 of The Candid Odyssey

With all the good and bad memories, it's time to leave Mumbai. Our days in Mumbai are a good example of resilience. The adversities of the health conditions, place of stay, and the warm weather itself were all difficult experiences to pass through. We could've just packed the bag and gone home, but we have shown the determination to not quit. Congrats and thanks to you too, for being part of those struggles, literally :) Anyway, after repacking the stuff, with a refreshed mind, we are going to the Bandra Terminus railway station. Adieu to the most interesting suburban railway system, we are leaving. But there was around 3-4 Km of walking to that railway station from the last one. And this walk is alongside the rails. As there was some construction going on, many construction workers' families were staying nearby. It includes very young working adults, their babies, and children. And the sad part was seeing the state of the children. They were in a situation where hygiene, nutrition, and education were out of their reach. They looked skinny, half-naked, bare footed, and unbathed. But still, they were happily playing in the mud with paper boats. That scene struck me and my thoughts as I walked and traveled further. What's the future for those children? What am I doing to help them? How can they be happy in those circumstances? All these are hard questions and we will try to find answers as we move ahead.

So, where next? We are going to Vadodara, Gujarat. Oh, the place is also known by the name Baroda. As it's already afternoon, we won't have any time to explore any places as such. But the train journeys are amazing as usual. And this time, the train is also a bit different. It's more like a goods train and a lot of coaches were filled with items for transportation. Also, there were lots of security policemen and their trained dogs. Don't know if there is any bomb on the train :) Nevertheless, a train journey is one of the best meditation techniques available. When we just keep looking out of the window, a lot of thoughts will come to us, unintentionally. The thoughts that we have been seeking all the time. Also, train journeys offer us views of the development, culture, and natural beauty of the places that we pass by. But the interesting thing is that we gradually transition between places, so, we won't recognize the differences easily. Just like life. We gradually transition between ages, and we can't easily recognize how we have changed as we get older. It requires consistent self-reflection to realize the changes. And that realization helps us make better decisions and decide our path. Self realization is nothing but the consistent periodic self reflections and the gradual improvements. Anyway, we are getting near Baroda, and it's late at night. So we also need to have dinner on the train itself. Irrespective of the place, my train food is always limited to either roti-sabji or veg biriyani. We can't afford to get diarrhea again :)

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