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Day 7 of The Candid Odyssey

Hoping that proper rest could reduce the fever and get us back on track, I took a couple of paracetamol and a deep sleep till noon. Only when we wake up, we do realize that things got worse. In addition to the fever, I got diarrhea too. Oh, no, another day to pass on without traveling. Like race cars need a pit stop, it's time for a pit stop for our travel. If you remember, in the beginning, we discussed keeping a 1 week buffer for our journey. That buffer is meant for days like today. A day meant to rest, recollect, rethink, replan, and refresh. Such pit stops are applicable throughout our lives. Even the 56-day journey is a pit stop in my life. Everyone has pit stops in their lives, in different forms. Some take those knowingly, some just take them because of the circumstances. Vacations, holidays, career breaks, academic failures, breakups, financial difficulties, medical illness, family conflicts, loss of loved ones, etc. are all various forms of pit stops in our lives. We can call it an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Unlike race car pit stops, the pit stops in real life need to be faced alone. Every time we get into such pit stops, we push ourselves to emerge stronger. So, whatever problems we are in, just remember to take a pit stop, and come out stronger. It's not the problems that matter, it's how we approach the problems that matters.

In our pit stop today, we also need to approach it positively. We sleep (rest) for so long, revisit our journey so far, plan the route for the next 1-2 weeks, book the necessary train tickets, repack the rucksack bag, and hand-wash some "essential" clothes, all while coping with the fever and diarrhea. Thanks to online food delivery apps, we can order some diarrhea-friendly food too. Our medicine kit also help us to manage the problems ourself. Anyway, the entire day and night was spent well inside the four walls. Like every human who faces problems and gets upset, I also thought about quitting the journey and going back home. Going back home sounds like the perfect solution, right? I don't think so. It's because sometimes, escape plans can be misinterpreted as solutions. The ideal approach would be to know the difference and choose wisely. We will stay. Because remember, we are on a journey. A journey to explore India, ourselves, and the philosophy of life. No matter what, we will continue that journey. It's time to emerge from the pit stop, stronger!

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