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Day 36 of The Candid Odyssey

Darjeeling isn't known for its attractions, it's the place itself that's the attraction. The climate, cottages, markets, and scenic views of snowy peaks, tea gardens, and stunning valleys. All these make Darjeeling a perfect place to spend summer. No wonder why the British Raj elite used to consider this place as the summer retreat. Since we are not here for a summer retreat, it's time to move on :) We will take a shared taxi to Gangtok, Sikkim. 

What's interesting about these high-range trips is the hairpin bends, curvy roads, and scenic views. We will never get bored of it. Each hairpin bend we take creates a sense of in-depth happiness. Maybe because we can see where we came from or maybe because we just appreciate the thrill of it. Whatever it is, it's fun! When we look back on our achievements, we always feel a sense of happiness, isn't it? I think the same applies here. In one of the local buses near my place, there is a poster inside which quotes a line by a novelist - “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”. It's a powerful sentence that creates a sense of drive and motivation every time I read it. Now we realize happiness is about either living in the moment or looking backward, while motivation is about looking forward. Interesting, huh?

What's not interesting about these high-range trips is the traffic that occurs as we reach the city. Since the roads are narrow, it's not that easy for all vehicles to pass by smoothly, especially when we encounter trucks and buses along the way. Now that it's raining here in Gangtok, things are going to be more messy. So all we can do now is wait for up to hours stuck in that traffic. One way to avoid this traffic could be to reduce the use of private vehicles whenever and wherever possible. We are doing our best in that aspect. We have rarely hired a cab for our own all across our journey. All we travel is through shared modes of transportation. Thank you for accommodating :) 

We reach Gangtok by night and it's still raining slightly. The market is still crowded mainly because of the street food stalls. Momos and noodles everywhere. With a huge demand in each stall. How can we not try something when walking beside these stalls with that captivating smell all around? :) When it comes to Mahatma Gandhi Marg, the main street of the city, it's less crowded. Guess what, not many people want to get wet. It's like a premium place. A walkway with a lot of modern restaurants, shops, and bars on both sides. For us, rain doesn't matter. We freely walk around the street, licking a soft serve ice cream, and enjoying the ambiance, with good rain in the backdrop. We can see in the eyes of many that they also want to enjoy the same, but it seems like something is preventing them from doing so. It could be the need to maintain the appearance, protect belongings, or abide by social pressure. The first two are acceptable, but the last one? I wouldn't. How can we live the life that we want if we care more about the way that others want us to live? Being the true self isn't about realizing who we are, it's about acting truly by that. Anyway, it's also not very wise to spend so much time in the rain, so we better go to our stay - Hotel Potala. Luckily, today, we have a full room. Good enough to dry ourselves and our clothes well :) 

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