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Day 29 of The Candid Odyssey

Today is an all-day travel day. By the way, we are half-way across our trip. Congratulations on being part of the journey so far, you're doing great! I'm so lucky to have you :) We have been in the north of India for the past 1-2 weeks. It's time to move towards the west. Shimla is our next stop. We have got a morning bus, and also a passenger to talk to. We didn't get many talkative passengers in the north, but there was this guy who started talking like we were close friends. A post grad student going to his college far away from his home. We talked about culture, lifestyle, work, travel, and of course, some philosophies :) He shared some apples, and also shared that owning and managing an apple orchard is the most respected job in the state. That was surprising. I used to believe that being a government leader was the most respected job because of the scale of impact. For example, if a president or prime minister of a country decides that food will be free for all from tomorrow, we don't have to worry about putting food on the table, right? And this applies to millions and billions of people! That's the impact. But I was wrong. For society to function effectively, it needs efforts from all of us. In different ways in the form of a job or service. And each of our roles creates an impact on the larger ecosystem. That means all of us, our lives, and our work are equally important and should be equally respected irrespective of the money, the fame, or the power it offers. Unfortunately, it's not happening now :(

On the way to Shimla, we see more people, households, and human activity. Those were a bit lacking for the past few days. And it gets better as we reach the core of Shimla. The markets, bus stands, cafes, hotels, and all of those leading to the heart of Shimla, The Ridge. A beautiful paved promenade that gives a stunning view of the Shimla city, along with the cold winds. The Ridge is crowded with tourists, vendors, and locals alike. Seems like it always does. The architecture, culture, and overall outlook of that place feels extremely different from what we saw so far. It feels like we landed in some other country! Oh, technically, we didn't land, we just walked :) And we could just walk around here for hours. Until the time comes for the next bus. Yes, towards Dehradun in Uttarakhand. It's going to be a long journey. Before that, we need to recharge ourselves and the phone. That's why we roam around The Ridge to find a restaurant that has a charging point and affordable food. Interesting combination, huh? But it's already evening and why not charge the phone once we reach the stay? It's because there is no accommodation today! We are going to sleep on the bus. Just sit and sleep. It will be very tiring, but it's okay. See, we need to experience everything. The good, the bad, and the neutral. That's the journey of life. The better we adapt ourselves to those, the better we thrive. Because happiness and peace doesn't come from our circumstances, it comes from our ability to adapt to our circumstances. No excuse :)

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