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Day 20 of The Candid Odyssey

There are two important institutions in Delhi - the Parliament and the Supreme Court. Two institutions that people look forward to with hope. Where change happens at scale, impacting 1.4 billion people. Tremendous, isn't it? How about we merge such institutions of different countries to form a centralized law and governance? Imagine a world in which everyone follows the same law, everyone gets the same opportunities and resources, everyone feels a sense of unity. No inequality, no wars, no competition, and more cooperation. Quietly we are moving towards it, one step at a time. Maybe by the end of the 21st century, we will totally shift to a democratic global government model. Maybe, who knows :)

Unfortunately, we couldn't get inside any of those institution compounds because the security restrictions are so tight today. Oh, the inauguration ceremony! We will go find out what it is in the evening. For now, let's go somewhere peaceful. What's more peaceful than a museum, that too of the man who advocated for peace his whole life. We are going to the Gandhi Smriti Museum. The museum showcases the life of Gandhi, the struggles that he took, and the values that he upheld. Before turning into a museum, this place was his accommodation and it's in the compound itself he was martyred. The calmness can be felt across the compound. When we leave the place, we are filled with peace, motivation, and a broadened view of morality. Divine atmosphere! A similar attempt can be seen in the Lotus temple also, a bit far away from here. The Baha’i House of Worship is a religious site for people of all religions. A modern magnificent structure built to help people meditate. Because of the tourists, that purpose may not be fulfilled though, at least during the peak hours :) Anyway, the architecture is wonderful and is on par with Delhi's historical architectural brilliance. Hats off!

As it's already evening by now, we have one big task remaining. Finding out what's happening in central Delhi. It's the inauguration of Kartavya Path (a ceremonial boulevard) and a statue of Subhash Chandra Bose, a prominent Indian nationalist. And this is a big event, not for Delhi, but for the entire country. The Prime Minister, a lot of other ministers, and many more dignitaries are coming. Now you know why the security restrictions were so strict. We can see thousands of cops and their vehicles moving across the city. It feels like there are more police than civilians over here. Anyway, we are going with the hope that we can also be part of the event. But, barricades! Everywhere! Oh, no, it's an invite-only event. Tried getting in through all the entry points, but no luck. Better obey than get jailed :) So, what now? We will wait on a nearby road till the event is over. We have got some company too. Some media people, very few tourists, and a lot of cops. PM Modi's speech can be heard echoing nearby. Experiencing such an event from the outside is more interesting than seeing it from the inside. Why? Because we get to see various dignitaries coming in, the security convoys, and the way things work behind the scenes. The background work. Usually, who cares what happens offstage when the focus is on onstage? Who cares about those offstage people who make sure everything works well onstage? Who cares about those important people that helped us shine in our lives? We can. At least, let's try. Like the way we tried to get inside the event :) By the way, the event is over, we can get inside now. We are among the first few civilians to witness the new statue and the new boulevard. Media representatives are still taking videos. Besides all this, there stands the India Gate, shining with tricolor lights. A grand feeling overall. It's great that we got to be part of this, as uninvited guests :)

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