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Day 19 of The Candid Odyssey

Delhi is huge! There is a lot to see, explore, and experience. We will try to crack them all, one by one. Our first stop for today is Qutub Minar. A beautiful minaret that speaks of the architectural brilliance of the past. The height of the minaret demands us to keep our heads tilted up, but the morning sun will ensure that we won't do that for long :) But the bottom few stories of the minaret are enough for us to enjoy its marvel. As we are alone, we can take time and do whatever we want. But that doesn't mean we are out of responsibilities. Our responsibility is to help couples take their photo, that too with the entire tower in the frame! But still, we can do a lot of things that others restrict themselves from. Such as lying on the grass under a shady tree, playing with squirrels like a child, and enjoying the beauty of the minaret, all at the same time. We can call this either mindfulness, laziness, or mental disorder. I believe that defines how we see the world.

The sun went over the tree shade and the squirrels also said bye. That means, time to leave. How about we go somewhere different and modern? A premium place where corporate professionals come to work, socialize, and have fun. Yes, that's the concept of the Cyber City in Gurgaon. Since we are there after noon, everything is calm but lively. Small groups of well-dressed people in their business attire, cracking jokes and laughing around with their colleagues, and going to or coming from a premium eatery. Those who were alone had headphones attached by default. The place is surrounded by MNC offices, outlets, shops, clubs, and eateries. I found an open space somewhere in the middle and sat on the steps. As a matter of fact, I was the only one just sitting there. All I did was look at those hundreds of people who passed around me. Just kept looking at their faces, observing their emotions, and trying to understand their state of feeling. Some were genuinely happy, some were struggling with insecurities, and some were trying hard to fit in. If you were in one of their roles, which role would you be in? Or would you rather not be there? Why?

While you think about that, let's take a rapid metro to get back to Delhi. Unlike the underground metro within the Delhi center, the Gurgaon to Delhi metro is totally elevated. That's better. We get a bird's eye view of the places along the way. Underground is boring, all we see is darkness. Every place is the same, just dark :) Anyway, before it gets too dark, we need to get into the Red Fort. As the largest monument in Delhi, it's known for its architectural structure and historic significance. Inside the fort is very spacious, with large audience halls and gardens. Just like the Agra Fort we have been to. But history has done a lot to this one. Change of rulers, rebellions, attacks, demolitions, and whatnot. Lucky fort, it's still there. Anyway, the lights in the evening give it some extra beauty and attraction. And that's when the securities ask us to leave because of the closing time. There is one more thing we can catch up on - India Gate. It shouldn't be closed because there is nothing to close as such. Guess what? Entry restricted! There is a major inauguration happening tomorrow by the prime minister, so tight security it is. Thanks to the availability of public transportation late at night, we can roam around the city as long as we like. Until the sleep calls :)

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