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Day 16 of The Candid Odyssey

Jodhpur is blue, Jaisalmer is gold, Jaipur is pink. It's like each city in Rajasthan has got a theme of its own. And this can be noticed everywhere. From the railway stations to buildings to markets to places of attraction. Everywhere. On our way to Hawa Mahal, we get to see the operations of the city. The way the shops in the markets are structured is commendable. Each shop is identical in terms of architecture and is numbered sequentially. So, if you want to find a shop in the Jaipur market, just look out for the shop number. No need to remember the name, address, landmarks, etc. Just the shop number. It's brilliant! When everything becomes numbered, life gets simpler and more interesting, doesn't it? The progress that we make toward our goals, the miles we travel, the calories that we burn, the money that we earn/lose, and more. Give everything a number and life gets more interesting!

Hawa Mahal is a simple, but beautiful palace. Mainly because of the geometry it's built upon and the surrounding ambiance, it's worth giving it a look from the outside. Also outside, there are hundreds of street vendors selling juices, hats, ornaments, clothes, toys, gadgets, and whatnot. It's interesting to see people bargaining. Some people with no intention to buy just try something and bargain, just for the sake of bargaining. Once we watch that a few times, we can feel the anger the vendor is going through. We don't see that side often, do we? Near Hawa Mahal, there is one City palace also. Maybe because we have seen so many great palaces already, it's not attracting our attention anymore. Time to explore something else, less man-made and more natural. What else do we need when we have Smriti Van, an urban forest and biodiversity park. We are going to take a long stroll over the park trail. It's going to be interesting because there is no one else other than some small wild animals and a lot of peacocks for our company. We can't take our eyes off the dance show that peacocks put forth. Imagine experiencing that in the middle of a forest, all alone, with the peacocks just a few meters away from you. It's pure goosebumps! It tempts us to stay there forever. We must admit that there's nothing more amazing than the beauty of nature. No artwork, technology, money, or relationships can beat that. Nature is undefeatable. But sadly, Smriti Van closes by evening, so we have to leave :(

Temples are one of the good places that we can go to when everything else closes. Akshardham Temple is there for us. Nice architecture with a well-maintained leafy garden, and neat and clean surroundings. I haven't seen such perfection in a temple. Or maybe because I haven't been to so many temples. Anyway, we will visit more temples, mosques, and churches along the way. To experience different cultures, rituals, perceptions, beliefs, and more. Talking about the culture, it can be experienced in the accommodation also. The Mandala Backpacker Circle, which is our stay for today, was a bit different compared to other stays. The entire dormitory is artistic with lots of wall paintings. And surprisingly, we are supposed to sleep on the floor, but with good mattresses provided. Normally, every stay provides a bed and cot, not just the mattress. We can either take it in a positive manner and sleep peacefully or in a negative manner and create a ruckus. You know which manner we are going to take it :)

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