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Day 15 of The Candid Odyssey

Our stays are always limited to low-cost accommodation. But those are memorable. Hotel Dilbar Safari had a cultural ambiance and offered great views of the Jaisalmer Fort and the city, even though the room didn't have proper lighting or locks. We sleep with the hope that we wake up alive and fine. Even if we sleep in a luxury hotel, we can't be completely sure that we will wake up the next day, right? So, it doesn't matter. What matters is our inner strength and the practical precautions that we take. I still have that pepper spray in my pocket! Anyway, as we step out to the city in the morning, we can really feel the desert. Sandy roads, heavy winds, extreme temperature, sweating, and thirst. So tiring! Hats off to all those people who live in these deserted regions. And for the camels too :)

Jaisalmer is in the heart of the Thar Desert. So what are we going to do? Camel safari? Jeep safari? Desert camping? Sorry to disappoint you, we are not going to do any of that. We will just roam around. Near the city center, there is Gadisar Lake, a very attractive artificial lake. The presence of decorative architecture in the lake, peace surrounded by the temple, hundreds of catfish near the lakefront steps, and people feeding bread to those catfish - all are very interesting sights that lure us to stay there forever. The golden reflections of the morning sun also make the lake look more beautiful. Because of the sandstone architecture and the desert sand, the entire Jaisalmer looks more goldish. Also, the Jaisalmer Fort is right within our sight, alluring us to give a visit. But we have got other plans. We are going to take a local bus to Thaiyat, where there is a war museum. Due to the low population density, public transportation service is limited. As we waited just like other locals, the bus got very crowded with goods, vegetables, luggage, and obviously - passengers. Just FYI, we are the only outsiders on that bus! It's okay, no problem. Then what's the problem? The problem was that the bus stopped at a stop 5 km away from our war museum. There were no people, no vehicles, no livelihoods, nothing in that area. We can try to hitchhike, but no vehicles are going in either direction. Basically, we are now stranded in a desert! We also can't take a rest on the road for long because there's no shade. So, with a 10 Kg rucksack on the back, under the scorching sun, we are going to walk! There is a good chance that we will get dizzy and pass out along the way. Luckily, it didn't happen. After around 1-2 Km, there came a savior, an army officer, in his motorbike. Seeing another human itself was a big relief! Thankfully, he gave a ride to the museum. The war museum is very informative. The military history and arsenal on display are worth the visit. But I think the journey was more memorable, and challenging in fact. As the saying goes, the journey is more important than the destination. I believe it's the same with the life goals too. The steps we take to reach our goals mold who we are as a person. And that's more important than achieving the goals, isn't it?

We are going back to Jaisalmer city. Hunger is calling. My go-to food choices in these north-western regions are either Roti and Mixed Veg or a complete Veg Thali meal. I don't experiment much with food because we can't afford more diarrhea days :) We have a train this evening to Jaipur, and we still have some time to spare. So, let's go for a walk. There was a small building named Desert Cultural Centre right there in the city centre. A small museum showcasing the culture of Rajasthan. Interestingly, they run a puppetry also, and luckily, we are on time. Even though they gave a ticket, it felt a bit skeptical because there was no one else to watch! We waited for like half an hour, but unfortunately, no one else showed up. Still, the organizers were ready to do it. It's a live puppetry show performed by a puppeteer along with two other artists. It was one of the best live artistic performances I have ever seen. And they did that show just for me! Pure goosebumps! Highly appreciate the commitment of those artists and the people who run the show. This kind of hidden gem needs more visibility and support from everyone. There are thousands of such great artists and art forms unnoticed and hidden in different parts of the world. Let's make sure we uplift them as much as we can.

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