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Day 14 of The Candid Odyssey

While it was raining heavily yesterday, today it is a scorching sun. Oh just to remind you, we are right now in Jodhpur, the blue city of India, and it's located near the Thar Desert. What else can we expect other than scorching heat :) But it's way far better than getting stuck in flooded places. Comparison changes the way we see things, isn't it?

Jodhpur is known for the Mehrangarh Fort, the key landmark of the city. We are going there first. As the fort is transformed into a museum, it's very well maintained too. The walks through the steep fort corridors take us back to history. The scenes from those favorite historical epic movies will run through our minds. On the way, traditional musicians offer the best instrumental music like a background score to that scene. Everyone is so busy taking pictures, but we are going to sit with those musicians and enjoy and appreciate their art. The more interested we are, the more energetic they are. I think that's what all artists seek for. To get an appreciation for their craft so that they can bring the best out of themselves. Let it be a reminder to ourselves whenever we meet an artist! As we go up the fort, we are being taken through the various palaces. All those rooms, artworks, and historic collections are a feast to our eyes! And to add to that, there is the terrace that offers a picturesque view of the entire Jodhpur city, showing us thousands of tightly packed blue-painted houses and buildings. If you had any doubts about why Jodhpur is called the Blue City, I hope it's clear now :)

We are right now at the top of the hill, it's time to go down. We are taking the road less traveled, a narrow path to be specific. It takes us through the blue-shaded buildings and wall paintings. Blue everywhere! The narrow path also gives an outsider experience of the homes in Jodhpur. Talking about home, I am in a difficult home situation right now. Today is Day 14. Any idea what might be that difficult situation? If you know, good, you were reading carefully. If you don't, you better read Day 0 again, just kidding :) The situation is that my family agreed to let me go on this trip only for 2 weeks. Today marks the end of two weeks and we are still here, far away! We need a solution, right? Yes, so, I went to a quiet place in this bustling city to think deeply about how to handle the situation. The quiet place I mentioned is just a walkway near Gulab Sagar. It's a large and deep man-made heritage lake that is used as a reservoir for the city's domestic purposes. I was just sitting nearby there, thinking. A dramatic thing happened. One man rushed on a bike, dropped his bike on the road, and jumped into that lake! Suicide attempt!! He was about to drown in a few seconds and started screaming. All of a sudden a few neighbors came with a rope, threw it for him, and tried the rescue. But he was reluctant to be rescued. Then a brave man jumped into that lake with a rope tied, got hold of the drowning person's hand, and rescued him. Luckily, he's alive. All of this happened in less than a minute! He came outside the lake crying, and his mother started fighting with him, some people tried consoling both of them, and the quiet place got crowded. After a few minutes, everyone went away, back to normal. I sat there and started processing what just happened! I have never seen anything like that before. Now we realize how small our problems are compared to that man's problems. We just overthink our small problems, overestimate the impact, and over-hurt ourselves. I think we should strive to simplify our life in all aspects. That simplification can result in fewer worries and more happiness. Also, a big salute to those brave men who volunteered to save a life. Sometimes, we just need someone like them to pull us up from the bottom. But, who will pull us up when there is no one other than ourselves?

After deeply thinking about all this, I called my family. They were not happy about my decision to continue the trip, but it's at least sorted. So, we are good to go. Near to that Gulab Sagar, there was also a historic step well. Gladly, there wasn't enough water to drown people! As we walk across the city, we can find a clock tower and associated market. It's like a central landmark of the city and is surrounded by local shops and retailers. The roads are so busy with people moving goods, vehicles, and cows, all mixed up. It's fun to watch :) After all these unique and interesting experiences that Jodhpur offered, we are now leaving for Jaisalmer. For new experiences, new learnings.

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