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Day 13 of The Candid Odyssey

Before we leave Ahmedabad, I would like to mention the people I met in the dorm. Young guys from different parts of the country. Some of them were staying in that dorm for months, working remotely and building their own business! We all had a good time sharing our life journeys and experiences. Our collaborative attempts to fix a broken air conditioner were also fun. It's always the challenging situations that transform a group of strangers into a team that creates everlasting memories :)

With those memories, we are moving on. As it's raining, there is a good chance that things are going to mess up today. From the Gita Mandir Bus Stand, we are taking a public bus to go to Udaipur. Yes, we are leaving the Gujarat state for Rajasthan, the largest Indian state by area. Since it's raining heavily, the bus windows are shut. All we can do now is read or think. By afternoon, after a 6-hour bus journey, we are now at Udaipur. The place has some wonderful things to offer like beautiful lakes, palaces, museums, gardens, parks, and more. But nature is not on our side today. The city is flooded, roads are closed, and everything is shut down. Even though we managed to get an auto rickshaw ride, in the middle of the road, a huge stream of water started flowing from somewhere. As the water level rose and entered the vehicle, we had to turn around midway. I requested the driver to move forward as much as possible, but it's his vehicle, so he can't afford to risk it for our happiness :) Now, back to the bus stand. As we can't do anything here at this moment, and to not get stuck in the city for long, it's time for us to leave.

We have set foot in Udaipur, and that's all we could do. From the same bus stand, we are going to Jodhpur now. The panic can be felt across the city. People rushed for transportation, screaming and speaking loudly. The sad faces say it all. No matter how grand our plans are, sometimes nature has other plans for us. We just have to accept that and move on :) We can positively approach such adversities by thinking of the extremely negative scenarios that could have happened. For example, if we stayed in those flooded places for so long, we would have lost all transportation methods, we would have gotten into a situation that resulted in drowning, and we would have run into an electric leakage in the water that could have killed us. You got the point, right? The idea is to be thankful for saving ourselves from extremely unfortunate possibilities. This transforms that negative situation into a positive one. For the sake of naming, let's call this "Negational Positivity" :)

As we moved near to Jodhpur, nature got more peaceful. At least now we can open the windows and see the world! Surprisingly, the bus took us through some village roads even though other highways could have made the journey faster. But the bus trip allowed us to explore the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan villages. Small grocery stores everywhere, people in small groups socializing under the streetlight, cattle sheds attached to houses, the beauty of Rajasthani dressing style, and more. It was worth going through those roads less traveled, even though it was unintentional and unexpected. Keep believing that every unfortunate situation will result in something positive. We just need to believe and look out for the same. Again for the sake of naming, let's call this "Fateful Positivity". Anyway, that's enough positivity for today. It's late at night and we will go to rest now. We have a bunk bed waiting for us in the Sant Kripa backpackers hostel :)

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