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Day 12 of The Candid Odyssey

Today is going to be a busy day. We are now in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat. Ahmedabad has a lot to offer and we are only going to spend one day. So, no time to waste :) Getting out of bed from the Charyana Heights Dormitory in the early morning, it's time to explore Ahmedabad. Since our stay is in the center of the city, the moment we step out of the door, we get to feel the hustle and bustle of the city. So many street vendors and working professionals, all starting out their busy days. Within that bustling city, there is a calm place - Sidi Sayed Mosque. An open heritage mosque with outstanding latticework and architecture. One of the best places for meditation. We get to see the silent rituals and prayers being performed in the mosque, the pigeons playing near the ablution pool, and the beauty of the artistic works. We feel a bit refreshed when we come out of that place. With that energy, we are moving on. It's great that such historical monuments and landmarks are still being maintained properly. There is another one called Teen Darwaza, which is a huge historic stone gateway with three beautiful arches. Notably, it's in the middle of a busy market! Following our love for art and architecture, we are visiting another marvel - Hutheesing Jain Temple. A historic temple with stunning carvings. We could spend an entire day simply enjoying the beauty of those carvings. Huge respect to the ancient artists who made it possible! As it's open to everyone, we also get to see the rituals and activities that happen inside a Jain temple. The magnificence of the temple itself fills us with positive energy :)

The beauty of Ahmedabad not only lies in its architecture, it also lies in its history, nature, and development. All these revolve around the Sabarmati River. Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram and Museum takes us back to history. The museum comprehensively outlines the principles, thoughts, and life of Gandhi. The peaceful atmosphere of Gandhi Ashram helps us think deeply about all the things that we saw and read in the museum. I sat there in his room's veranda, watching a person using his spinning wheel, reflecting upon his thoughts, and mindfully appreciating the way he lived. I also bought some of his books and I read those across the journey. What I like most about Gandhi is that he combined spirituality with practicality to bring change into society. He just didn't speak or write, he took actions that inspired millions. He is one of the best leaders the world has ever seen! Okay, now to witness the beauty of nature and modern development, a good place to go is the Riverfront. The vast and artistic flower park is too good to be walked and enjoyed. The Atal Foot Over Bridge and its light show is another site of excitement. The infrastructure in the surroundings is very modern and promising. To enhance the beauty of all these things, there is the long-flowing Sabarmati River!

Oh, there was one more place we visited in between. I didn't want you to lose the Sabarmati flow, that's why the recap :) The place is another peaceful museum - Shree Swaminarayan Museum. A spacious modern museum complex that displays and explains the life of a revered yogi named Swaminarayan. In between the exhibition route, we also get to stop by for food. I had a few tasty samosas and tea. As we visited many sites, there wasn't any proper schedule for food today. In such cases, we just eat whenever we get a chance. Anyway, I took a proper Veg Biryani at a decent restaurant, that too when the restaurant was completely empty. The restaurant workers were busy watching a cricket match. Even during the time the waiter was serving the food, his one eye was on TV :) His enthusiasm and spirit also led me to watch it! I am not that much of a Sports fan, there is a reason for that. Many of us either love sports or hate sports. But I am in the middle ground. Sports of course have positive sides like building unity, teamwork, etc. It unites people irrespective of their differences. But Sports also have a negative side. It creates a mindset that - to win is to defeat others. And that mindset which begins from sports gradually spreads to our other parts of life. In the name of success, we get motivated to defeat others rather than win ourselves. I believe that to win is not to defeat others but to be a better version of ourselves. For me, that's the success!

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