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Day 10 of The Candid Odyssey

Dormitory stays are special. Almost every guest wakes up early, gets going with their lives, and motivates late risers like me to get out of bed. We get to connect with people from different parts of the country and the world, with different intentions. We also get to see the inside lives of people without breaking their privacy, which is not that easy in today's privacy-conscious world. Our stay at Shiv Sai Dormitory in Vadodara provided us with that social living experience. When we say social living, it means a lot. We have to make compromises, trust others, keep mutual respect, and act properly. For example, we have to compromise on the AC temperature or light off time, we have to trust that other mates won't rob us, we have to respect others by keeping our voices low, and we need to prevent ourselves from showcasing our awkward habits. So, staying in a dormitory can be considered a challenge that can improve our adaptability and confidence. Also, there are other positives too. It's been around 10 days since we started our journey. Have you ever thought about how our clothes smell? It stinks, seriously. Thankfully, the dormitories provide laundry service :) They really care about the needs of backpackers and solo travelers, and provide exceptional experiences. Keep up, good dormitories, you are so nice!

Okay, so, today, we will explore Vadodara, its history, and culture. The best place to start that exploration is the museum. So, we are getting inside the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery. An old museum with collections of history, sculptures, artworks, zoological exhibits, and more. Museums are proof that history isn't a bunch of lies. This museum also proves that statement, not just for Baroda or India, but for other foreign places as well. And this museum is surrounded by many parks, gardens, and even, and other monumental buildings like Kirti Mandir. The strange thing I noticed was that I was the only solo person in these areas. I have no problem living solo, but when we see only happy couples and friends everywhere, I unintentionally get melancholy. I sat down under a tree and started thinking about the same. If you see, in today's world, it's pretty easy to get into any kind of relationship because of the various digital solutions and cultural adaptations. So, am I being a stubborn old-school person and missing out on the new opportunities? No! There's definitely a relationship gap inside each of us, nobody is perfect. It can be the gap with ourselves, our family, friends, our life partner, or with society in general. Our goals should be to figure out those gaps, their order of priority, and an action plan to fix them. The action plan can also include simply waiting. And sometimes, it's that persistent waiting that makes the relationship marvelous :) This insight has transformed the melancholy I mentioned earlier into a sense of hope and happiness. And that understanding still works for me, and maybe for you too.

Anyway, we are moving to other parts of Vadodara. We are going to a small town called Sevasi. The purpose was to move a bit away from the center to experience life outside. And it was amazing. There is a Step Well that is amazingly beautiful. It highlights the beauty of ancient architecture, even though it's unexplored by tourists. So, it's peaceful. Other than me, there was also a girl posing for some professional photography. What came up as a surprise was the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The local people in Sevasi got together, with great loud music, regional dance steps by men and women alike, and unlimited paper confetti flying all over the place - all the time. There were more than a hundred people and all these celebrations were happening on the road. That was so unexpected and one of the best fun experiences. We just blend into that celebration as we live there, be part of it, and enjoy our best. Truly worth it. After spending hours being part of that celebration, it's time to move on. I also had to stop by a phone service center. As I have been using hundreds of different charging points across our journey, the phone didn't like it :) It started discharging, very quickly. I had to fix it soon because the phone is essential for our navigation and transportation. Anyway, I assure you we won't get lost. So, let's keep moving…

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