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Expo 2020 Ideas

  1. AI-based water monitoring and management

  2. Spaceports - ports for space/air vehicles

  3. Laser-based data transmission

  4. Living labs - bringing ideas and expertise from ordinary people to research centers.

  5. Bionic body parts

  6. Sustainable cities for densely populated regions

  7. Herbal alternative to antibiotic medicines

  8. Flying cargo

  9. Space cities

  10. Biomethane production

  11. Autonomous Air taxi 

  12. Vertical farming with advanced technologies like phenotyping, 3d root mapping, AI, robots, cone-shaped, sun-piped, dry mist fans, water gels, etc.

  13. A home farming system as a service

  14. Rainfall control and management

  15. Targeted/personalized medical treatment for diseases like cancer

  16. Carbon capture technology

  17. Environmental toxicity removal

  18. Better desalination for increased drinking water supply

  19. Sustainable fish farming (aquaculture or within the ocean)

  20. Neutraceutical medicines (intelligent food)

  21. Waste cleanup and management from cities, homes, villages, oceans, rivers, and more.

  22. Biomaterials for daily use items

  23. Bamboo-based bikes and cycles

  24. 3d printing for material manufacturing (prusa3d)

  25. Circular economy management

  26. Biofuel from used oils

  27. Green finance and investments

  28. Modular homes (3d printed)

  29. Smart City management software

  30. Apprenticeship as an education alternative

  31. Nuclear for medicine, inspection, energy, etc.

  32. Energy generation techniques within the ocean

  33. At-home energy production

  34. An AI system for faster transportation and trade

  35. Algae as food (micro-spirulina production)

  36. Solar thermal energy production as an efficient alternative to solar

  37. Biodegradable plastic alternatives

  38. Self-oriented wind turbines

  39. Food waste management and energy/water production

  40. Interactive smart screen glasses

  41. Assistive robots for patients and elders

  42. Water extraction from the air 

  43. Algae mixed irrigation

  44. Rental platforms - vehicles, clothes, homes, etc.

  45. Solar panels for building walls/roofs

  46. Energy generation from kites

  47. Condensed energy transmission with smaller power lines

  48. Energy storage in limestone

  49. Energy storage in deep sea

  50. Hydrogen-based energy storage

  51. Underground cargo transportation

  52. Horizontal elevator for faster mobility

  53. Building renovation as a service

  54. CO2 to plastic conversion

  55. Plastic to bioplastic conversion using bacteria (upcycling tech)

  56. Better water filtration with bacteria or phytoremediation

  57. Better shading window glasses to reduce energy consumption

  58. Agrotech - 3d root mapping of plants, plant phenotyping for breed selection.

  59. Laser beam-based weed elimination

  60. Garbage detecting and sorting bins

  61. Autonomous marine waste collector boat

  62. DNA-based data storage for huge storage

  63. Silicon tandem solar cells - next-gen solar panels

  64. 3D printer for edible snacks

  65. Communication portals

  66. Better medical data sharing for AI training

  67. Phytoremediation for water purification

  68. Permaculture farming

  69. Sky gardens

  70. Green hydrogen opportunities

  71. Sustainable alternatives for rare earth elements

  72. Algae as food for fish in aquaculture

  73. Electrifying home energy needs

  74. Plastic roads

  75. Supply chain management software solutions

  76. Farm management software

  77. Water flow monitoring

  78. 10-min neighborhoods

  79. Used goods selling

  80. Communication portals (Portal)

  81. Better medical data sharing for AI training

  82. All-in-one collective system for digital health

  83. 3D printer for edible snacks

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